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Immigration Library

We provide the professional
and comprehensive on-line immigration law library...

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Free Evaluations

Our Attorneys proudly provide
free evaluations for many inquires...

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We are committed to educating those interested in learning U.S immigration laws ...

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Highlights Of Our Services

Z&A is dedicated to the practice of U.S. immigration law. From employment-based immigration to family-based immigration, from non-immigrant visa/status application to asylum petition, we handle immigration cases anywhere within and outside the U.S. by effectively representing our clients through email, phone, fax, mail and in-person meeting. We provide full spectrum of immigration services. For more information on our full services, please click here. The followings are the highlight of our services:

We pride ourselves on being responsive to our client's needs and having expertise in above mentioned immigration cases. Z&A takes into consideration your situation in totality when representing your case. Supported by our professional Z&A team and based on our advanced technology, our attorney handles your case in a direct relationship with you and always keeps you informed of the process and progress of your case. It is important to us that we treat our clients with the highest levels of respect and client service.