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Advanced Technology Facilitates Our Professional Services

Zhang & Associates, PC is a leading immigration law firm, and is committed to using the latest technology to provide professional services to our clients. We have implemented the following IT innovations:

IT Professionals: Z&A has two onsite IT professionals working in its offices. One of our onsite IT professional has a Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems, and the other has an Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer and Network Administration. They support our attorneys and clerks, address IT problems as they arise, and maintain the firm's network systems and computers. In addition, we have two other IT professionals with Ph.D. degrees on retainer as consultants - one is a Linux server expert, and the other is a Windows server expert.

Corporate Intranet: In 1996, Z&A set up its Windows NT-based corporate intranet, which has since grown to include an intranet server, database server, file backup server, printer server, and 34 workstations. Our corporate intranet, which has since been updated, allows Z&A employees to work as a single efficient team by sharing our expertise, information, and resources.

Web Server, Email Server, and Internet Capability: Since 1998, we have been working hard to build up our website and internet communication network. Currently, the network consists of four Dell Linux servers used to host our websites and e-mail service, a DHCP router, wireless endpoints, numerous network switches, three firewall servers, and two separate high-speed Internet connections. As our web server and email server receive an increasing amount of traffic every year, we have recently upgraded and enhanced both servers and expanded backup servers to eliminate down time. In order to ensure security from outside attacks on our network, we have set up an advanced firewall system to guard our web servers and email servers.

Over the past three years, through the contribution of more than twenty professionals in law and IT technology, our web site has become one of the world's most comprehensive sources of information on U.S. immigration law. In 2005, to ensure that our website had the broadest access and fastest connection possible, we switched our web server host to Level 3 Communication, one of the largest communication and Internet backbones in the world. Our web site is a demonstration of our belief that effective communication with our clients is a crucial aspect of successful representation. The firm's quick response time to all e-mails is another manifestation of that belief - Z&A promises to handle your case in a speedy manner and to relieve your anxieties as soon as possible.

VPN Tunnel Connection: Z&A maintains a VPN connection among our three U.S. offices in order to centralize many office functions. The VPN connection is built up by IPSec technology providing 3DES and SHA encryption to secure data transfer between the three locations. With the VPN tunnel, attorneys can share their information and resources, encouraging them to work as a single, united group. At Z&A, we have implemented the latest technology as part of our effort to stay at the top of the immigration law field.

VoIP Telephone System: VPN tunnels at all seven of our office locations connect to our Avaya IP office telephone system, which implements VoIP among all phones. The VoIP technology, together with Avaya IP, makes our firm a giant virtual office. Phone calls can be transferred among all locations as internal extension calls; this not only cuts our communication costs, but also ensures that our attorneys can work as a team to better serve the needs of our clients.

Customer Relationship Management System: Customer relationship management is the key to our professional and fast services. We are satisfied with nothing less than the very best when it comes to professionalism and efficient handling of our clients' cases. In 2006, our firm successfully adopted Oracle's Siebel CRM OnDemand system. The new Siebel system is one of the most adopted CRM systems in the world. The USCIS and Department of Labor, for example, use the Siebel CRM system to manage the petitions they receive. With all of our files and client information in an electronic format on a centralized secured server, we at Z&A can more effectively work on your case.

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships: We have formed a strategic partnership with, the leading Chinese web portal. In our partnership with Sina, we provide content and free BBS answers to Sina's visitors at its Immigration Channel, and in return, Sina promotes our firm's profile and services on its site. In order to track our banner advertisements, we utilize Doubleclick DART Technology. In addition, our firm's banner and profile have been placed in, CPAEA, Martin Hubble's,, and West Law's This helps ensure that our customers can find us when they need us.

In addition to our hardware facilities and software, we recognize that our firm's most valuable asset is the team of lawyers working at Z&A. We hold regular seminars to keep our skills and expertise up to date so that we can most effectively use our firm's technology to serve you.

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