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Attorney Fees and Filing Fees

Filing fees are charges that are set by the USCIS to cover, among other things, the cost of adjudicating immigration petitions and immigration applications. Immigration Attorney fees are the fees charged by the law firm for our professional immigration services. The initial attorney fee is due upon submission of your signed retainer agreement to us. The USCIS filing fee is due before the application is filed with the USCIS. Attorney Fees due upon approval (if applicable) are paid when a milestone in case processing is achieved, as stated in the retainer agreement. The varying fees range in price due to the complexity of issues or length of process time and work involved in each individual immigration petition. Keep in mind that these fees are estimates, and that fees may vary depending on the difficulty/simplicity and specific facts of each individual case.

We believe that each applicant deserves to know the costs involved in participating in the U.S. immigration process. Generally, there are three kinds of costs associated with filing an immigration petition:

  • Most applicants are concerned primarily with the monetary cost of filing a petition, specifically immigration attorney fees and USCIS filing fees. These are not insignificant costs, but they are well worth it for the benefits that living and working in America can provide. There are two other kinds of costs that are often overlooked but should be considered.
  • The second type of cost is the emotional cost, which may have a greater impact on your life than the financial outlay of a certain sum of money. The uncertainty of your non-immigrant status can make your life stressful. For example, an H-1B holder may always worry about the possibility of being laid off, which will place him/her out of status.
  • The third type of cost is opportunity cost, i.e. what opportunities were not pursued or taken due to your current non-immigrant status. For example, prior to obtaining a Green Card, you may have passed up other career opportunities and remained with your current employer in order to maintain your non-immigrant status.

By retaining experienced immigration lawyers to handle your case, you reduce the headache and uncertainty that can accompany the lawful immigration process. Our Attorney fees are competitive and reasonable, and the skill and experience of our immigration lawyers increases your chances of a successful application.

Important Notice:

An individual client may be charged at a higher fee, depending on the totality of the circumstances for the client. Law Firm and Attorneys have the discretion to charge a higher fee or a lower fee for your case. Please ask our attorney for a specific contract.