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Every day, we receive an overwhelming number of phone calls and e-mails...

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We provide the professional
and comprehensive on-line immigration law library...

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Processing Time have been changed by the USCIS on timely basis...

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I am very glad to hear the good news that my EB-1A I-140 approval notice was received!

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Free Immigration Seminars

Why do we provide free seminars on immigration law?

Z&A is committed to educating those interested in learning about U.S. immigration laws and policies. We conduct these free seminars as a service to share our immigration knowledge and expertise with the general public. Because of our expertise and dedication to clients, Z&A has experienced rapid growth in recent years. In 2002, it was honored as the only law firm on The Houston 100, a ranking of the fastest-growing private businesses making the great economic impact on Houston, TX. It also opened sixbranch offices in Chicago, IL, New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Silicon Valley, CA, Seattle, WA, and Austin, TX to accommodate its rapidly increasing client groups.

Our hope is that by attending one of our seminars, you will be able to make a more informed decision on your particular immigration situation.

Our free seminars cover the latest legislative immigration developments, up-to-date information released by INS, and the most recent trends in immigration law. We also discuss the various types of non-immigration and immigration petitions available, its pros and cons, and the necessary steps required for each procedure.

What can I expect from attending one of your seminars?

Each seminar is tailored to include the relevant immigration issues that are of interest to the attendees. We design our seminars to be informative yet entertaining. Each seminar is composed of two parts: a presentation and a Q&A session. Our presentation covers a wide variety of relevant immigration issues and is presented using PowerPoint slides. The PowerPoint presentation typically lasts 1-2 hours, followed by a Q&A session. During the Q&A session, you will have the opportunity to ask any immigration-related question and we will try our best to respond to your particular issue. The Q&A session can last anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours, depending on audience participation.

After attending the seminar, we hope that you will be better prepared to determine a course of action regarding your specific immigration matter.

I am interested in sponsoring a seminar. How do I invite Z&A to present?

We conduct seminars throughout the year and across the nation. Generally, we are invited to speak at college campuses by a student-run organization, such as an“International Student Association” that handles the logistics and coordinates the advertisement of the seminar. We have also presented our seminars at local churches, civic centers, and other public venues.

We welcome invitations to share our knowledge of immigration law with interested parties. If you would like to invite us to present our seminar and are able to gather a potential audience of at least 50 people, please contact us for more information at: