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Services that Z&A Provide for EB-1(c)

Z&A proudly offers the following quality services related to the EB-1(c) petition:

Before beginning your EB-1(c) process, Z&A experienced attorney(s) will first evaluate your and your employer's situation as to the options of your potential immigration petition. You may send us your resume and your employer's information either by email to or by fax at 713-771-8368. After reviewing your resume, we will provide an honest assessment of your situation to determine if EB-1(c) is appropriate for you. Moreover, we will advise you on what strategy to adopt and whether it is better for you to petition under another category such as Labor Certification.

After you retain us for your EB-1(c) case, we will effectively communicate and work closely with you and your employer throughout the whole procedure. Our experienced attorney(s) will identify and solve the legal-issue(s) in preparing your case to establish the eligibility of your employer as the petitioner and the qualification of you as the beneficiary. Moreover we will review; translate and organize all the necessary application materials to present them in a good order. Our experienced attorney(s) will complete all the EB-1(c) petition forms; draft the petition letter for your employer; submit a complete set of petition materials to the proper USCIS Service Center; and contact the USCIS for the status inquiry of your pending case.

In case the USCIS requests additional evidence on your pending petition, Z&A experienced attorney(s) will submit the additional documentation required for your case in time. As soon as the USCIS makes a final decision on your EB-1(c) petition, we will inform you of the result accordingly.

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