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Immigration Library

Z&A is a full-spectrum immigration law practice. To assist in determining your immigration law needs, we provide the on-line immigration law library compiled below. Our library is the fruit of the hard work of over 20 former and current Z&A team members, and features a systematic discussion of immigration options and policies, broken down by topic. Please be advised that the information provided is only for the general understanding of immigration law and should not be construed as a substitute for professional legal advice or services. For our professional immigration consulting services, please click here.

  • Immigration Information A to Z
  • Understand the different available options that allow you to live and work in the U.S. (either temporary or permanent basis).

  • Immigration Glossary
  • Get the idea of all terminology which you may encounter during your immigration or nonimmigration visa application process.

  • Visa Bulletins
  • Learn each month’s availability of immigrant numbers in the monthly issue of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs’ Visa Bulletin.

  • Road to Green Card
  • Different ways of obtaining a green card.

  • Immigration FAQs
  • Refer to these Frequently Asked Question for more insight.

  • News Room
  • Read the latest news in immigration and nationality law. Check back often for updates.

  • USCIS Forms
  • Access the most common forms used during the immigration process.

  • USCIS Offices
  • Use the directory listing to connect to various USCIS offices (by state and division).

  • Processing Times
  • Find the latest estimated processing times for filed applications for each of the USCIS Service Centers.

  • Visa Categories
  • See all the visa classifications which are referred to in shorthand by a letter followed by a number.

  • Immigration Links
  • Link to immigration-related information on the Web.

  • Technology
  • Get the idea of the advanced technology for our professional services.

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