EB-5 Services We Provide

Before beginning your EB-5 visa application process, our experienced immigration attorneys are here, free of charge, to evaluate your situation and identify options available for your pending immigration plans. If you are interested in an expert consultation at no charge, you are invited to send us information about yourself and your current circumstances by e-mail to freeevaluation@hooyou.com, or by fax to (713) 771-8368. After we review your information, we’ll provide our honest assessment of your eligibility for the EB-5 category, discuss potential application strategies tailored to your situation, and ultimately help you decide whether it may be better for you to apply under a different visa category, such as EB-1C.

Because of the high volume of inquiries Zhang & Associates receives about EB-5 visas in particular, you’re invited to schedule a fee-based consultation to expedite your inquiry. Our firm charges a flat rate of $200 per half-hour for consulting with a junior EB-5 associate or a rate of $300 per half-hour for consulting with a senior EB-5 attorney. (For more information on fee-based consultations, click here.)

After you retain us for your EB-5 case, our firm will facilitate your petition through the following general steps:

  • We’ll effectively and proactively communicate with you from the start of your case, working closely with you throughout the entire application process.
  • We’ll establish your eligibility under the EB-5 category, as well as the eligibility of any derivative beneficiaries you bring with you.
  • We’ll chart a strategic path forward for applying under this visa category that takes into account your specific circumstances.
  • We will review, translate (if required), and organize all necessary application materials, including petition forms.
  • We’ll consolidate your application materials into a petition package, which will include an expertly written petition letter that persuasively argues why you merit an EB-5 visa.
  • After we review the completed petition materials, we’ll submit them to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
  • Thereafter, we’ll keep in touch with USCIS as your case is adjudicated, keeping you apprised of developments throughout this processing period. 
  • In the event USCIS makes a request for additional evidence on your pending case, we will respond to that request promptly, submitting the additional documentation required within the timeframe stipulated.
  • As soon as USCIS makes a final determination on your EB-5 petition, we’ll inform you accordingly.

If you are considering retaining Zhang & Associates for your EB-5 visa application, refer to our Attorney’s Fees and Filing Fees page.

For more detailed information about the EB-5 visa, refer to the following links:

Updated 06/09/2017