Consultation Services

Free Evaluation Services

Our attornies offer a free evaluation service for those that intend to apply for H-1B, EB-1, NIW and many other case types. We're proud to offer our free evaluation services so that you, our potential client, will receive more information on your immigration options and our expert opinion on the likelyhood of a sucessful case. We also provide the evaluation so that we can advise you if you could benefit from using our other services. You may take advantage of our free evaluation services by sending an e-mail to

Please be advised however that the scope and depth of our free evaluation service is not limitless. We receive an overwhelming number of inquiries about immigration issues thereby we can't guarantee a free evaluation in all circumstances. Please click here for details.

Fee-Based Consulation Services

For those whose situations do not fall within our free-evaluation categories, you may take advantage of our fee-based consultation services and still obtain our expert advice on your immigration options and eligibility. In many cases, our fee-based consultation services will benefit you because we will be able to spend the necessary time to provide you more detailed answers to your questions.

When taking advantage of our fee-based consultation service, you can choose the level of detail that suits your needs best. Each level depends on how complicated your immigration issues are. The less detailed response you need, or the less difficult the issues, the smaller the cost of the fee-based consultation. Please also note that the full amount of your consultation cost will be fully credited toward your attorney fee if you choose to retain us to handle your case within 30 days of the consultation. The fee-based consultation will enable us to provide you with enough information about your immigration options that you can decide more easily if you want to retain us as attorneys.

If our fee-based consultation is right for you, and if your situation does not fall under any of our free evaluation categories, we encourage you to take advantage of our fee-based consultation service. Please click here for more details.