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What types of services related to J-1 Waivers does Z&A provide?

Z&A offers the following services related to J-1 Waivers:

  • Issue Legal Opinion
  • Z&A can issue a legal opinion and determine whether you are subject to the two-year foreign residency requirement based on information provided. NOTE: Even if you are no longer in J-1 status, you may still have to fulfill the two-year foreign residency requirement if you had previously been in J-1 status.

  • Get Advisory Opinion
  • The State Department has been in charge of the J program since October 1999. The State Department may issue an advisory opinion on whether a J-1 holder or someone who was once a J-1 holder is subject to the two-year home residency rule and its ruling is authoritative. Experienced attorneys at Z&A can assist you obtain an Advisory Opinion from the U.S. State Department.

    For services in providing a Legal Opinion from Z&A or an Advisory Opinion from the State Department, you should provide the following documents for an accurate case assessment:

    • Copies of all your IAP-66 Forms (Certificate of Eligibility) since your U.S. arrival; and
    • Copies of all your I-94 Forms (Arrival-Departure); and
    • Copy of your Visa; and
    • Copies of documents describing financial support for your J-1 program.
  • IGA Waivers
  • Z&A can help you evaluate the strength of your case, assure compliance with the relevant IGA’s requirements for waiver applications, edit Recommendation Letters to give them the maximum persuasive effect, draft persuasive Petition Letters (when applicable), and help select the appropriate government agencies for your IGA waiver case.

    For our services in obtaining an IGA waiver, you should provide your resume (CV), information about government funding of your current or prospective employment, and information about the program for which you are working or will be working if you get a J-1 waiver, including information about the level of cooperation you can expect from your employer/prospective employer.

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