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As an integral part of our fast and professional services, we dedicate ourselves to building a better website for our current and potential clients. Over the past severalyears, through the contributions of more than twenty professionals in law and IT technology, our web site,, has become one of the most comprehensive and informative web sites in the world on U.S. Immigration Laws. We update our website regularly by providing the latest immigration news, current visa bulletin, latest processing time, newly published immigration rules, and anything pertinent to immigration law. Moreover, we provide systematic information on various U.S. immigration/non-immigration visas/statuses on our web site. Our web site is a reflection of our tireless endeavors, and it is a demonstration of our values: "We have unwavering commitment to respect our clients,we communicate all information to our clients openly and honestly, and most importantly, achieve the extraordinary in the results."

In the past severalyears, we have received a lot of valuable comments and suggestions about our web site from those who visited our web site.

To serve you better, we welcome your comments, suggestions and any other feedback about our website. If we conclude that your comments and suggestions are good and adopt them, you will be rewarded a $10 prepaid gift card.

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