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Documents Needed for Managers and Executive Transferees

Several documents are required to complete an EB-1(c) application. Specifically, the employer should provide a statement attesting to all EB-1(c) requirements and a detailed description of the job duties to be performed by the alien within the United States, along with supporting documentation.

The information that needs to be obtained from various parties for an EB-1(c) application is listed below:

Documents needed from the U.S. affiliate

  • Articles of incorporation or association;
  • Application for EIN (Form SS-4);
  • Stock certificates;
  • Lease of business location;
  • Bank statement or wire transfer evidencing initial investment;
  • Audited accounting reports (balance sheets, profit/loss statements, cash flow reports);
  • Corporate income tax return Form 1120 (if any);
  • Employer's Quarterly Report Form 941 (if any);
  • Description of company business;
  • Commercial contracts, invoices, bills of lading, letters of credit, etc.;
  • Bank statements;
  • Company letterhead (several sheets);
  • Company structure, plan of employing new employees;
  • Pictures of the main office (interior and exterior). Documents from the Foreign affiliate
  • Business license;
  • Article of incorporation;
  • Income tax filings for the past three years;
  • Audited accounting reports (balance sheets, profit/loss statements, cash flow reports);
  • Organizational chart, total number of employees, position held by the transferee;
  • Company brochure or product introduction;
  • Documents of business transactions (contracts, bills of lading, letters of credit);
  • Bank statements, or transactional records;
  • Company letterhead with company logo, name, and address (several sheets);
  • Pictures of company's main office, factories, or buildings (Disregard if already included in company brochure).

Documents needed from the Transferring Employee

  • Resume;
  • Diploma;
  • Employment verification letter from the foreign company;
  • Board resolution or appointment documents verifying the transfer;
  • Any other documents showing transferee's capability to conduct business in his/her executive position.

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