RIR Labor Certification Application Required Documents and Information

RIR Labor Certification Application Documents include:

  • Company brochure(s);
  • HR provided job description including specific job duties, minimum requirements, and salary;
  • Company's organizational chart and location of position within organizational hierarchy;
  • Alien's resume; and
  • Alien's diploma and professional licenses (if applicable).

Additional information is required to complete the RIR Labor Certification Application. Please provide the following information:

I. Employer Information

Company Name ___________________________________________

Business Address

Address where Alien will work (if different)

Telephone # ______________________ Fax #________________________

Nature of business activity _____________________________________________

Name & Title of person who will sign application documents:


II. Job Information

Job title ____________________________________

Total hours of work per week ________________________________

Detailed work schedule (hourly) ______________________________

Base annual salary ____________________

Overtime hourly salary ________________

Occupational title of Alien's immediate supervisor ______________________

Number of employees Alien will supervise ____________________________

III. Job Description 

On a separate sheet please provide a detailed job description.

The job description should include the specific job's functions, skills, and minimum required credentials. The candidate's job responsibility should be described in detail and broken down into specific duties, including whether the candidate is responsible for supervision of other employees.

Information regarding minimum credentials/skills should include both required academic training and relevant work experience (e.g. major in college, college degree required, vocational training, etc.). Please provide specific, quantifiable, and objective information to describe the job position.

IV. Documentation of the Employer's Recruiting Efforts within the Past Six Months Should include:
  • Copies of ads placed in Sunday local newspapers and trade/professional journals;
  • Copies/web address of the job listing posted on Company's website;
  • Copies of Company's job listing on Career websites;
  • Statement describing Company's internal employee referral policy;
  • Receipts and copies of schedule listing Company's attendance at job fairs and on-campus recruiting efforts; and
  • Other recruiting efforts.

Please make sure that the name and the date of each publication is visible and appears on the same page as the job posting for print media. Please do not highlight or mark up any part of the ad.

V. Job Candidate/Alien Information

Name ___________________________________

Present Address

Type of U.S. visa  ______________________

Date of Birth ___________________

Place of Birth ____________________

Country of citizenship _________________________

VI. Alien's Educational Background

Names and Addresses
of Colleges

Field of Study

From (month/year)

To (month/year)



VII. Alien's Work Experience

On a separate sheet, please list the following information:

  • Name and address of each employer;
  • Type of business; 
  • Name of job;
  • Dates of employment;
  • Duties performed and detailed description, including (if applicable) use of tools, machine, or other equipment; and
  • Number of hours worked per week.

Other documents required for submission include:

  • Alien's resume;
  • Alien's diploma, along with any professional licenses, if applicable.


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