F-1 Student’s Change of Name and/or Address

If an F-1 student legally changes their name or address, the student must inform the Designated School Official (DSO) and the USCIS, within 10 days of the change, in the manner prescribed by the school’s International Office. A student enrolled at a SEVIS school can notify the USCIS by providing a notice of a change of address, form AR-11, within 10 days to the DSO, who in turn shall enter the information in SEVIS within 21 days of notification by the student.

Exceptions to this requirement are observed for those students who cannot receive mail where he or she resides. For these instances, the address provided by the student must be the actual physical location where the student resides rather than a mailing address. In cases where a student provides a mailing address, the school must maintain a record of, and must provide upon request from the USCIS, the actual physical location where the student resides.

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