Top 10 Reasons To Retain Law Offices of Z & A & Associates As Your Attorneys

A professional, by definition, is a person who professes, claims, and represents publicly that he possesses expertise in special occupations and provide services to the public in the area of his expertise. Usually, the expertise is obtained through advanced education and special training. Moreover, a professional has to compete in the market place with his fellow professionals in order to survive or strive. We profess the following top ten reasons that you should retain us.

  1. Every attorney in our firm has an office with a view for your eyes, a leather chair for your comfort, a computer for your files, and a brilliant mind for your case.

  2. Most our attorneys are happily married and some have children, so we are stable and understand many issues that your family faces.

  3. You enjoy the personal attention of one attorney as well as the wealth of experience of a team of attorneys. Your case will be handled by licensed attorneys only, not by secretaries or clerks. When one attorney is sick or on vacation or dies in the line of duties, other attorneys in our firm will jump in and you will always have an answer for your questions.

  4. You not only retain one individual attorney, you retain a team of experienced attorneys. Our attorneys share our experiences and expertise, and we adopt "second eyes policy" to have every attorney's work checked by another experienced attorney. We recognize that human mistake does happen. If one of our attorneys missed something, another reviewing attorney of ours will most likely pick it up in the check out process. If you retain a solo practitioner and he missed something, no attorney in his office will check out for him. An USCIS officer may pick it up, which may affect the result of your case. We understand the difficulties and limitations of some solo practitioners.

  5. We have a cool and rich web site that offers you free information in many areas of immigration laws authored and updated by our very own experienced attorneys. When you view our web site, you may see our attitude toward work.

  6. We are fast and responsive. We usually respond to your inquiries within the same business day.

  7. We are a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and keep up with the latest developments in immigration laws.

  8. We have integrity and will not do anything in violation of laws or our professional responsibility to you.

  9. We are results orientated. We want your case approved more than you do and will do everything under the laws to advance your interests.

  10. Our Value: Results oriented & Respect to clients; Integrity & Information; Communication & Commitment; and Extraordinary & Expertise

If you are still not convinced, we thank you for visiting our web site and welcome you back to use our free information and services on our web site. No matter whether you are our client or merely a guest, we wish you God's speed in fulfilling your American Dream.

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"The best way to
predict your future is
simply to create it."
- Peter Drucker.

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