Hello Jerry,

I am RM filed NIW and EB1A with the help of Attorney Lynn Greening. On 10/30/12, I got I-140 approval for NIW and same day I got an RFE for EB1A.

Last week, we replied for the EB1A RFE and would like to express myself about the help received from Lynn Greening. I still did not get any approval or denial for my EB1 case and, I am writing before knowing the decision since the hard work and commitment showed by Lynn is independent of the decision on my case.

During the initial application stage, she helped me a lot and evaluated all of my credentials carefully and suggested me on which documents I need to concentrate more to present best evidence to the USCIS. During this process I personally met her several times in your office and she always gave me an immediate appointment. She never compromised on quality and revised the letters and documentation several times until they become perfect.

At first evaluation of my CV, she is very confident about my NIW but had some doubts about EB1A and it became true with the latest EB1A RFE. Before approaching to your law firm, I am also skeptical about my EB1A because my credentials are not very great. Lynn has thoroughly questioned me about my credentials and surprisingly found some new things which are belonging to Extra Ordinary Ability.

Lynn always responded to me promptly to my emails and always clarified my questions with clear examples and simplified the things at my end. Once I remember that she is going to Christmas vacation and busy with other meetings. During that time, I submitted several documents for her review. She even worked late hours during that time to complete my work and responded to me quickly without compromising the quality. I mesmerized with her commitment towards client and it is lucky to work with her.

Actually after getting RFE for EB1A, I am not very positive to reply to RFE but she encouraged me to reply and walked with me during this entire process. While preparing documents for RFE, she guided me on which documents I need to gather and other evidences to collect for the success of the application. She even guided me to improve my credentials from RFE received date to RFE response filing date. I followed those suggestions and improved my CV. Even if I did not get approval, I will not regret since I improved myself during this process and I am sure that it will be helpful to my career. I am sure that without her, it will not be possible for me to apply to the NIW and EB1.

She drafted several letters for me and she always wondered me with her understanding about my subject while reviewing the letters. Her critics on letters have improved the quality tremendously. She is blessed with good understanding power and written skills and I am benefitted from it.

I am really happy with the attitude and kindness of Lynn and I strongly referred your firm to many of my friends and colleagues. I am also thankful to the clerk Mitchell Johnson for checking and organizing my documentation properly and other office staff who have helped me time to time.

If I get the approval for my EB1A then it is solely because of the help of Lynn and if I am declined then it will be because of me.

Nice weekend!

Best Regards,



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