"Dear Zhang,

I would like to thank you and Mr Shenchih Mai for all the assistance he has provided me during this time. My special compliments are for one of your excellent employees, Mr Shenchih Mai !

He performed a great job to help me get green card. I want to thank him for leading a process with my NIW and I think he is a best attorney I have ever met.

His expertise and help have been invaluable during this process. I really appreciate his guidance, and the time he spent to make this case go well.

I will be pleased to recommend your company to anyone who asks about it.



Attorney Note: Client retained Z&A for NIW on May 16, 2012. After then, EB-2 visa became unavailable after July 01. Client was super busy at that time because her baby’s due day was approaching. We suggested client to file I-485 together with NIW. Otherwise, client could not file I-485 after July 1. Client finally decided to do I-485 with us on June 14. We filed NIW concurrently with I-485 for client and client’s wife on June 27, 2012 and received approval of NIW and I-485 at the same time in November 2012. The client is a scientist in the fields of cellular and molecular biology. Twelve publications with around 32 citations. We submitted seven recommendation letters for client’s NIW. Below are some of client’s emails to Mai during process:

06/26/2012: Dear Shen-Chih, This variant of NIW petition looks nice, let’s send it. I never imagine how great I am!

06/26/2012: Great! I don't want to scare you before, but you should include to the list containing I-485, NIW, and baby, also the important grant for the research support with the dead-line at 1 July 2012! Actually, I finish it right now, and hope get some money!

06/27/2012: Dear Shen-Chih, Yesterday I was quite tired so I really forgot tell you “thanks”, because bigger part of the work was done by you, and without your energy we never finish this. I really appreciate by your work. Yes, I stayed with my wife and take care about my older daughter, but it was a pleasure for me – we spend too little time together because of constant work. I didn’t tape in the delivery room, but my computer was with me – as only everything was done, I went home with the daughter and was typing few hours. The funniest thing is that my older daughter was sleeping at the moment of delivery right in the delivery room. If you are interesting, you can watch my phone video (quality is not super) at YouTube.  


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