“Dear ShenChih and Jerry,

This is great news! Thanks in no small part to both of your help. I still remember Jerry's phone call more than a year ago that encouraged me down this path. Special thanks to ShenChih's timely and meticulous revision of my letters, without which I cannot succeed.


Background& Comments:

Client has a Ph.D in Biology, with around 30 publications and several hundred of citations. He also reviewed around 15 journal papers and served as an editorial member for four journals. Client contacted attorney Jerry Zhang around September 2010 to see if hewas qualified for an EB-1(a) petition. At that time, the client only had a few first-authored publications;he also had many publications as a co-author. For the client’s first-authored publications, there were 75 citations. However, the client had an excellent citation ratefor all his publications. In addition, the client had reviewed 5 journal papers as a peer reviewer. Attorney Jerry Zhang suggested to the client that if theclient reviewed more publicationsof others, his chances of success for an EB-1(a) would be enhanced.

In October 2010, while the client improved his research achievements as well askeeping in contact withShen-Chih and Jerry regarding his potential case, the client moved from California to the east coast for a new job. The client did not have time to begin his case because he was overwhelmeddue to the new job and relocation. However, the client finally contacted Jerry in January 2012 and decided to retain our firm for his EB-1(a) petition. Although the client’s case was already strong, we helped the client prepare eight recommendation letters including five independent recommenders. Moreover, we worked with the client to submit critical evidence like documentation demonstrating that journals publishing the client’s work wereinternationally circulated and top-ranking. We also analyzed the client’s citations report.In May 2012, we filed an EB-1(a)petition for the client with a request for premium processing service, and the case was approved within a week.

As a general rule, we do not recommend premium processing for the EB-1(a) as it may trigger a Request for Evidence (RFE). However, cases with a solid foundation can take advantage of the premium processing service for a fast approval.


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