FAQs on E-filing I-140

1. What is e-filing?

E-filing is a USCIS procedure through which applicants can file their cases online.

2. How it works?

On the e-filing system, an applicant can fill out an application (i.e., I-140) and submit it to USCIS electronically. USCIS will issue an e-notice immediately after it receives the e-filed application.

3. When should I submit other supporting materials after e-filing?

For I-140 applications, you need to make sure USCIS receives supporting documents within 7 business days from the date of efiling. For example, if you e-file your I-140 on July 31, your supporting documents should be received by USCIS by August 9.

4. What is the priority date by e-filing?

The priority date is the date when the I-140 petition is e-filed.

5. Do you have any authority from the USCIS?

Yes, USCIS announced on its FAQ that the e-filing date is the priority date on Friday, July 27, 2007.

6. Your firm has informed your clients all the time that the priority date of an I-140 application is the date of e-filing before USCIS’ FAQ on July 27, 2007. How did you do it?

It is based on our practice experience. We have been using the e-file system since March, 2007 to speed up our clients’ cases and also filing our clients’ cases in Texas Service Center. Moreover, we have an inside knowledge about how USCIS operates. 

7. What is the deadline to file I-140 cases before the fee increase?

The deadline is July 29, 2007. For cases filed before July 30, the old fees apply. For cases filed on or after July 30, the new fees apply. It is $475 for an I-140 application. 

8. How does e-filing help me to meet the deadline?

You can e-file your I-140 application before the deadline, and submit all supporting materials within 7 business days after the date of the e-filing. This will buy you 7 more business days to prepare your application documents.

9. What is the deadline to file I-485 cases before the fee increase?

The deadline is August 17, 2007. The USCIS new fee schedule takes effect on July 30, 2007. However, USCIS has announced that all I-485 applications filed on or before August 17 pay the old filing new, which is $395.

10. What is the deadline to file I-140 in order to file I-485 in August, 2007?

It is July 31. You must file your I-140 application on or before July 31.

11. Does your firm do e-filing for your NIW and EB-1 cases?

Yes. We have e-filed all our NIW and EB-1 cases since March, 2007.

12. What are other benefits of an e-filing?

There are two benefits on e-filing: First, we can also get a confirmation e-receipt immediately and; Secondly, the I-140 cases by e-filing have been filed in Texas Service Center. We expect this continue on at least until July 31, 2007 and possibly until August 30, 2007. As you know, before July 30, the I-140 cases by mail must be filed in Nebraska Service Center and it processes some cases and transfers some cases to Texas Service Center. This may delay the processing.  

13. Is the e-filing system available 24 hours per day?

Yes, it is available at anytime, except maintenance time scheduled by USCIS in the evening on July 31, 2007.

14. Can I e-file my I-485 applications?

No, the system does not have a feature of e-filing I-485s.

15. I know the “Direct Filing” procedure will take effect from July 30. Under this procedure, applicants need to file their cases to either NSC or TSC, depending when they live. How does this influence the e-filing procedure?

We expect the e-filing system will still assign e-filed cases to TSC until July 31, 2007. We don’t believe USCIS will adjust the system at such a busy time. In addition, according to the USCIS’s announcement, there is a one-month grace period after the new “Direct Filing” procedure takes effect. Applicants can file their applications under the old rule during this grade period.

16. Have you e-filed all your clients’ NIW and EB-1 cases in TSC?

Yes, we have done so since March, 2007.

17. How does your firm help me if I like to file my NIW case before August 1, 2007?

If you retain our firm for your case, we offer two levels of services: 1) we offer our regular services and we work on your case including e-fling your case, drafting the petition letter and following up your case. 2) If you have all documents ready, we may just draft the petition letter for you and deliver it to you by e-mail within three working days.

18. I have my documents including the recommendation letters almost ready for NIW. What services do I expect from you if I retain your firm?

You may retain us for either the full representation services or alternatively, you may retain my firm for the petition letter services.

19. Are your offices open on Sunday?

Yes, our New York offices are open this Sunday (7/29).

20. How about next Monday and Tuesday?

Yes, we are open and fully working.

21. May I drop by to discuss my case with an attorney?

Yes, you are welcome to visit our Houston and New York offices to discuss your case with an attorney.

22. Do I need to make an appointment?

No, an appointment is not necessary at this urgent time to beat the deadlines.

23. How do I contact your firm if I would like to retain your firm for a petition letter writing service?

You may send your inquiry to Li at llemburg@hooyou.com or Attorney Zhang at jzhang@hooyou.com. Moreover, you may call us at (800) 230-7040. For those who live at the metro areas of New York City or Houston, you may drop by our New York offices and Houston offices.
24. How may I contact your firm if I would like to have your firm to represent my case?

Please send Attorney Zhang an e-mail at jzhang@hooyou.com. Usually, Attorney Zhang responds to your inquiry within a few hours.

25. What do you suggest the applicants at this time?

Please stay cool and organized. Moreover, we understand that the green card application is an important mile stone on your road to an American Dream. However, please enjoy your work and summer. May your American Dream come true.

Fifty-five professionals at Zhang & Associates will continuously work for the next ten days to get the cases out before the deadline.

We are still taking limited number of new cases and providing petition letter writing or polishing services. Please contact Mrs. Li Lemburg via llemburg@hooyou.com or call (800) 230-7040.

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