Less Than 6 Month Green Card Approval for NIW Client from Spain

As critical as many people can be of our government’s efficiency and selectivity in the immigrations process, there will always arise cases to the contrary.  As a testament to this, earlier this year Attorney of Zhang & Associates assisted Dr. Garcia with his green card acquisition via a National Interest Waiver in an astounding less than 6 months!  From the applicant’s initial filing date in the middle of May 2008 to our firm’s notice of approval in early November, is all the time it took for Dr. Garcia’s NIW and I-485 to be processed and accepted.  Considering today’s stringent standards of proof and the mass influx of applications sent to USCIS service centers each day, this a remarkable achievement for both Zhang & Associates and Dr. Garcia, as typical case processing times for such submissions currently exceed one to one-and-a-half years.  In fact, due to case volume, the USCIS is currently processing cases dated from August of 2007, submitted nearly 16 months ago!

Dr. Garcia obtained both his Ph.D. in Immunology and his Medical Doctorate (M.D.) at a respectable university in Spain.  When he first contacted our office in 2006 regarding the immigrations process, Dr. Garcia was working on his Ph.D. degree while practicing as a family physician at one of Spain’s premier health institutions.  Since that time, Dr. Garcia has concentrated his efforts on psoriasis research and dermatology while working for a prominent medical facility in the United States.  Ultimately, while Dr. Garcia’s research was certainly important and impressive, his modest publication and citation record (less than 10 citations) was an obstacle that he and Attorney had to overcome.  Due to this relatively weak statistic, Attorney suggested including strong recommendation letters to make up for Dr. Garcia’s lack of hard evidence and quantitative results.  Together Dr. Garcia and Attorney worked to build a persuasive case that emphasized these influential letters of recommendation by proving the influence of Dr. Garcia’s research to others.

In Dr. Garcia’s petition letter, we demonstrated that his work is very important, prestigious, and scholarly, and possesses overarching benefits for a variety of other medical and research areas like cancer treatment and prevention and psoriasis research.  Accordingly, we then presented these achievements with regard to their substantial intrinsic merit and Dr. Garcia’s significant value to the U.S. national interest as a leader in dermatological research.  Ultimately, in Dr. Garcia’s case, like many others, strong recommendation letters edited by an experienced attorney like Attorney made all the difference, as Dr. Garcia was finally was able to present a clear convincing case to the immigration examiner. 

When our firm received notice of his case’s I-140 approval in November this year, Dr. Garcia was extremely pleased to say the least, and six days later we then received acceptance of his I-485.  Consequently, Zhang & Associates is equally grateful that it was able to assist yet another great international researcher with their immigration efforts.  Further, we devote the immense success of this particular case to the meticulous teamwork of our attorneys and to the superb dedication and cooperation provided by Dr. Garcia.

As a brief disclaimer, Zhang & Associates must note that not all cases similar to Dr. Garcia’s are so successful in such a short period of time.  As mentioned, it now usually takes between one to one-and-a-half years for this process to run its course.  Further, this case was not subject to visa number limitations like many petitioners from mainland China and India experience, as such candidates currently cannot submit I-485 applications according to current visa bulletin.  However, what Dr. Garcia’s case does highlight, is that an enthusiastic and industrious attorney can make all the difference.  Dr. Garcia provided us with a good sample of recommendation letters from various colleagues and research personnel, and as with all cases of this type, there comes a great responsibility for both the client and the firm to assure that such letters are strong, polished, and of unique value.  And in addition to these compelling letters, Dr. Garcia’s respectable credentials and refined research record presumably cemented his good fortune with USCIS examiners.  The bottom line is that the relationship between the client and the attorney throughout the immigrations process is very important in facilitating communication and developing the persuasiveness of one’s petition.  Undoubtedly, the better the two parties are able to correspond, the better the final product will be, and thus the greater the client satisfaction our firm is able to provide.

*In order to protect our client’s privacy, all identifying information has been changed.

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