Visa Categories

A-1 Ambassdor, diplomat or consular officer and their immediate family
A-2 Other foreign goverment official and their immediate family
A-3 Personal attendant or employee and their immediate family
B-1 Temporary business visitor
B-2 Temporary tourist visitors
C-1 Alien in transit -- travelling through the U.S. to a third country
D Crewmen (aircraft or sea)
E-1 Treaty trader, spouse and minor children
E-2 Treaty investor, spouse and minor children
F-1 Academic or language student
F-2 Spouse and minor children of F-1
G-1 thru G-5 International organization representative (e.g. United Nations), their immediate family, and staff

H-1B Professional worker in a specialty occupation
H-2A Agricultural temporary worker
H-2B Nonagricultural temporary worker
H-3 Temporary trainee, special education
H-4 Spouse and minor children of H-1, H-2 and H-3 visa holders
I Representative of foreign press, and their immediate families
J-1 Exchange visitor
J-2 Spouse and minor children of J-1 visa holders
K-1 Alien fianc'(e) of U.S. citizen and minor children
K-3 Spouse of U.S. Citizen
L-1 Temporary intra/inter company transferee
L-2 Spouse and minor children of L-1 visa holder
M-1 Student enrolled in vocational educational programs
M-2 Spouse and minor children of M-1 visa holder

N-1 thru N-7 NATO Visa holder
O-1 Aliens of extraordinary ability
O-2 Accompanying aliens
O-3 Spouse and children of O-1/O-2
P-1 Internationally recognized athlete and entertainer
P-2 Artist and entertainer in reciprocal exchange program
P-3 Athlete and entertainer coming to the U.S. to perform in a group
Q-1 International cultural exchange participant
Q-2 Immediate family members of Q-1 visa holder
R-1 Religious worker
R-2 Spouse and minor children of religious worker
S-1 Aliens supplying key criminal-related information
S-2 Aliens supplying key terrorist-related information
S-3 Immediate family members of S-1/S-2 visa holder
TN NAFTA professional

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