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What Kinds of Supporting Documents are needed for the Petition?

The documents needed for the immigration petition (Form I-130) are as follows:

  1. Copy of the U.S. citizen's Birth Certificate or Certificate of Naturalization or Certificate of Citizenship;
  2. The U.S. citizen's birth certificate showing the name of both parents; and
  3. The bother or sister's birth certificate showing the name of both parents.

The documents needed for an adjustment of status application (Form I-485) are as follows:

  1. Two recent identical color photos of the brother or sister;
  2. Medical exam report I-693 and supplement of the brother or sister (sealed);
  3. Evidence of financial condition of the brother or sister if he or she has a job:
    --- Job letter on business letterhead;
    --- W-2 forms for past three years;
  4. Evidence of financial support for the brother or sister:
    --- The sponsor's employment verification letter on business letterhead;
    --- The sponsor's W-2 forms for past three years;
  5. Copy of the brother or sister's passport, visas, and I-94;
  6. Documents showing the brother or sister's legal status after coming to the U.S., such as child's I-797, I-20, IAP-66, where applicable; and
  7. Birth certificate.

For more information on brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens, please click on the following links: