Attorney Fees and Filing Fees for EAD

Below, we have provided a list of the filing and attorney fees that are associated with an Employment Authorization Document application:

Case Type

Filing Fee and Other Fees

Initial Attorney's Fee

Fees due upon Approval

Total Attorney's Fees, Filing, and Other Fees

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Check with attorney


Check with attorney


* $380 per person. (If I-485 was filed before July 30, 2007, then $380 filing fee is required. If I-485 was filed after July 30, 2007, then no fee is required for I-765. Refugees and Asylees do not need to pay a filing fee to receive their first EAD. Renewal and Replacement EADs do not require a filing fee.)
As USCIS changes filing fees periodically, please also double check the filing fees at

(Updated 10/10/2012 by AD)

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