International Trade

Conducting international trade in China not only requires technical and linguistic skills but also calls for an understanding of China’s local laws, business practices, and culture. Sometimes regulatory barriers still have a negative impact on mutually beneficial trade activities despite China’s rapid growth in international trade over the past two decades.

Our bilingual attorneys have expertise in international trade law, relevant trade conventions, laws and regulations governing import and export, and other trade-related issues between the U.S. and China. We represent U.S. and Chinese manufacturers, service providers, and all kinds of trade organizations in China and the U.S. We have experienced attorneys to negotiate and draft all kinds of documents including, but not limited to, sales contracts, distribution agreements, output contracts and loan agreements, etc. We can also give advice on import/export duties, insurance of imports and exports, power of management over import and export businesses, insurance in import and export, import and export commodity inspections, appraisal of import and export commodities, import and export credit, import and export quotas, export and import licenses, certificate of origin for imports and exports, bill of lading and customs entry, etc. Working together with our arbitration and litigation team, we can represent clients from negotiating trade documents to arbitration or court proceedings in either the U.S. or China.

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