A U.S. company investing in China will have financial needs, including but not limited to, working capital financing (term loan or credit line), export-import financing, equipment financing (financial lease) and project financing.

Backed by our affiliated law firms in China that specialize in financial practice, our attorneys can assist in financial transactions under Chinese law, from designing a financial structure to negotiating with banks on the terms of financing, and drafting legal documentation. Our attorneys are also experienced in international financial transactions and in structuring transactions governed by foreign laws. Our finance legal team also has years of experience in structuring syndicate loans, government borrowing, and loans from financial organizations.  Under these circumstances, we counsel clients as they undergo the regulatory approval procedures with the PRC’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange for the exchange and remit of interests and principals of such loans.

We also have experienced attorneys to facilitate clients' equipment financing and project financing needs. We are able to provide thorough legal opinions on all the aspects of the transaction and draft legal documentation. Our attorneys are experts in water plants, power plants, chemical plants, highways and other infrastructure projects.

Please see the other practice areas of Chinese law in which we can provide consultations below: