With the booming global internet industry, E-commerce became a hot investment sector in China in 1999 and 2000. However, since it is a highly regulated investment sector, to invest in and to operate E-commerce businesses in China requires constant advice from experienced attorneys to ensure compliance with Chinese law.

As part of China's WTO commitments, China shall open its Telecom Value Added Services, which include electronic mail, voice Mail, On-line information and database retrieval, electronic data interchange, enhanced/value-added facsimile services, code and protocol conversion and on-line information, and/or data processing. As a rough classification, it requires further interpretation from government authorities.

Moreover, some online transactions, such as online auctions, online advertisements, online stock exchanges and online broadcasting, create further compliance requirements from the relevant government authorities. Our Chinese attorneys and consultants have established connections within the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and can provide consultation regarding limitations on certain services, and help clients structure E-commerce investments.

Our attorneys can also meet the legal needs of established businesses. We are experienced in drafting customer contracts, handling online privacy issues, negotiating equipment and/or service purchases, registering Chinese domain names, and solving domain name/trade name disputes.

You can find useful information at the official website of the PRC’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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