The corporate system in China is different from that in the U.S.; therefore, having the opinion of highly experienced attorneys is invaluable. Corporate activities are also highly regulated by the relevant government authorities.  However, due to China's civil law tradition, corporate laws and regulations do not always provide guidanceconcerning all the issues/matters a corporation may encounter during its operation in China. Sometimes a simple action may cause extreme difficulty to the corporation.

Our corporate practice offers comprehensive services in all types of corporate matters.  We help clients amend articles of association, negotiate with Chinese partners to amend joint venture contracts, change directors or other senior corporate officers, draft employment agreements, solve labor disputes, borrow shareholders' loans, mortgage/discharge corporate assets, purchase real estate or other valuable assets, sell or rent corporate assets, prepare documents for annual supervision, solve tax disputes with taxation authorities, liquidate the corporation, etc. We are also able to help corporations with their private placement needs.

Remaining in legal compliance is a critical issue for foreign companies invested in China. We will update clients on the latest laws and regulations that affect their area of operation, including but not limited to, corporate governance, real estate, taxation, intellectual property, merger & acquisition, customs and specific issues related directly to a corporation’s area of business.

Our corporate attorneys are highly experienced in corporate matters and can help clients maximize their interests in China.

Please see the other practice areas of Chinese law in which we can provide consultations below: