CRM Helps me Deliver Best Client Service

Stephanie Qian

Applying Siebel CRM OnDemand application, a cutting-edge CRM application tool among CRM products, for our firm’s client service activities has greatly promoted the firm’s business into a new stage on which better services can be delivered as the firm has committed to the clients. Legal marketplace is a client service oriented business. Delivering the service with efficiency and accuracy is always one of the vital elements for building a solid client base and firm’s reputation. Since Siebel CRM was implemented for the firm our client service quality has been improving significantly. Siebel CRM’s friendly user interface and well integrated database structure have enabled us to switch our client data process from a traditional, diversified and easy-making mistake process to a much more accurate, data well-integrated and streamlined process. Siebel CRM’s web based user interface offers great conveniences for users to access with independence of hardware and operating system conditions. It’s an excellent tool for global enterprise activities or for companies in the stage being ready to extend their marketplace globally.

My daily job mainly includes two activities; Client Help Desk (take phone call during the lunch hour) and the file organization for mail. Our Siebel CRM functional menu includes 4 items for our support team: Appointment, Contact, Potential Client and Task. I believe that menu just fits and satisfies our firm’s current needs and helps the firm to focus on leveraging our client support quality. Using Siebel CRM has improved my job in efficiency and accuracy. Siebel CRM’s search engine supplies multi options to narrow down our data records so I could retrieve data I need much faster than before, its integrated data structure, on the other hand, lets me review and check data from different views easily. Those functions have helped me greatly in my Client Help Desk activities, I could retrieve accurate data while talking to clients over the phone, and make decisions with confidence, and then take the next step of the firm’s business process. I have realized that in today’s business marketplace, especially in the legal marketplace, communications to clients with efficiency and accuracy will be so vital to win the business, the more familiar to the functionalities and more fluent using them, the better service I could deliver to both my internal and external clients. File organization for our mail is also a task that needs lots of care to distinguish those notices with the specifications. Again with Siebel CRM search power and delivered menu, I can easily identify those duplicated client’s names vs. the different case numbers and those beneficiaries vs. the clients as well. I also like Siebel CRM’s New Potential Client panel, which supplies a well set of data fields to cover client status and overall conditions for attorney to make assessments. I think it’s an excellent tool to track any possible and potential clients, and based on the information we have entered from the very beginning of the contacts, we can proactively track the records and take actions to realize the business.

To summarize, I believe delivering the best client service depends on 2 items: a well defined and designed application software to keep data accuracy and integrity, which Siebel CRM definitely supplies, and second the firm needs well educated users to communicate to clients with efficiency and accuracy by using an application as above. Furthermore to continue leveraging our user level on Siebel CRM we might do the following:

  1. The firm may hold user discussion periodically for knowledge exchange and sharing;

  2. We may collect ideas and suggestion for the needs of enhancements that eventually will help raise the firm’s productivity.

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