Siebel CRM Brought a Whole New World

Sean Cheng

CRM, customer relationship management, sounds like something that’s only related to the top scale businesses in the world that need CRM for their millions of customers all over the world.  Thanks to the brilliant management of our firm, I really have a chance to understand what CRM really is and how CRM can help a business like us with less than 50 employees improve our everyday services to our active or potential clients.  Siebel CRM became the biggest part of our business in April 2006, and a whole new world was brought to us ever after. 

Entire clients’ database goes online.  Everybody is saying the world is becoming smaller and smaller.  It’s especially true when our business adopted Siebel CRM because the world is not big enough to make us lose our clients’ database anywhere.  Traveling doesn’t stop us from logging onto Siebel as long as we have an internet connection.  All the needed clients’ information is right there in front of us, so Siebel is in our everyday lives literally. 

We don’t miss anyone.  The problem we had when we were Siebel-less is that we missed a lot of opportunities because of not following up with our potential clients on time.  With Siebel, everyone is taken care of in a timely manner.  All potential clients’ CV’s are accessible right through Siebel, and all evaluations are provided to our potential clients in the shortest amount of time.  More and more potential clients end up retaining us because of our pre-service during the potential client stage.  The potential clients are differentiated by the likelihood of retention, and that makes us more time to focus on the valuable potential clients and make the biggest benefit out of our valuable time.

Statistical analysis has never been easier.  With all the list functions and the meticulous database structure, Siebel CRM provides the most efficient and effective statistical analysis for our business.  At the end of each month, all the preset lists generate all the useful statistical data that shows us what we’ve done great and what we need improve. 

Team work has been reestablished.  Siebel unifies all our colleagues into one team by clarifying everybody’s role in the team.  Team members can assign tasks and appointments to each other and the sharable calendar make everything crystal clear throughout our offices.  The reestablished team work pushes the firm moving faster than ever on its track.

Siebel CRM has been burned into our everyday lives, and none of us can work without it.  More importantly, the value that Siebel CRM has delivered is enormous and it’s constantly increasing.  Within the new world that Siebel CRM brought us, I am confident that our firm will bring a whole new world to our lives.

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