CRM Database Enhances My Work Efficiency

Li Lemburg

I am Li Lemburg, working as a receptionist at the front desk at Zhang & Associates, P.C. My major daily work is to take and listen to a large volume of calls from current clients whom would like to talk to corresponding attorneys or potential customers who would like to know more information about work, life and legal procedure for applying for a residence in USA. To best serve them and satisfy their needs, I need to provide rapid, precise as well as friendly service based on each individual’s inquiry. After using the CRM system, I strongly believe that it really presents a valued assistance to my work.

As a receptionist, I receive an abundance of calls everyday. After I listen to the inquiry of each caller, I need to make a judgment in a pretty short time (usually counted by seconds) and then provide corresponding services. CRM can present a great aid at this point. Once I know customer’s name, I input this information into CRM for a search. If the caller is a present or prior customer, CRM will show all associated information such as the attorney who is responsible for this case. Thus, I can easily transfer this call to the corresponding attorney. In the case that this attorney is absent in the office, I may alternatively leave a note under this customer’s record so that the attorney will receive it and contact the caller in the shortest time. If the caller is a potential customer who contacts us for the first time, I may also input all information I receive from this call into CRM so that it will be easy for attorneys to follow up. If this customer calls us again, I will readily retrieve all related information and present the help quick, which saves precious time of both the attorney and customer. In some special cases some existing customer calls but forgets the name of attorney in charge of his/her case. In this circumstance it is always convenient for me to retrieve the attorney’s name from CRM using the caller’s name as a search term and transfer the caller to that attorney immediately, which pleases both the customers and attorneys.

Another part of my work is to arrange a telephone meeting or an interview between customers and attorneys based on the schedules of attorneys and the needs of customers. What I need to do now is just to go to the calendar page of CRM to search for the schedule of corresponding attorney and determine an available time for attorney, then use “leaving a message function” in CRM to forward a note to him/her. Since the calendar function of CRM is open to all colleagues of our firm, it avoids the chaos in the schedule arrangement of our attorneys, saves attorney’s valuable time and improves work efficiency of attorney.

Since it was introduced into our work, the application of CRM system has resulted in some good outputs for my work:  elevated working efficiency, less misunderstanding due to unambiguous information stored in CRM which allows our attorneys to present quality services to our customers. All in all, the introduction of CRM system into our work enables our firm to exhibit more competencies against our counterparts in this field by providing rapid, impeccable and quality services.

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