One Day’s Work and CRM

Attorney Jerry Zhang

A client called and I logged into Oracle CRM. All the data automatically downloaded into my head wirelessly and I was not able to delete them from my brain. I called Larry Alison, CEO of Oracle. He was delightfully surprised: “That is great! I will send my people to you soon.”

The alarm clock hummed and woke me up. It was 6:00am and dark outside. I grabbed my notebook computer and logged onto my CRM. I browsed my appointments for the day, looked at my calendars and looked my qualifying potential client data. There were ten of them. While I was sleeping, my clerks input the records for me. Good job!

I launched Outlook and two hundred e-mails were in my inbox. I deleted the junk mail ranging from cheap pills sale to thirty million dollars to be transfer to me. Twenty-eight e-mails were from the clients and potential clients. As usual, I responded the clients e-mail first. One of them complimented our good work in helping him to get his immigration approved in three months and another happy client referred his friend to the firm. I thanked them. Two clients asked me some questions and I responded. I added their e-mail to CRM.

After taking a shower and having a breakfast, I sent my daughter to school and drove to the office. I listened to public radio on the way to work and it talked about how companies that adopted CRM serve their clients better.

While continuing to work on the potential clients’ e-mail in the morning, Li transferred me a phone call from Dr. Kim, a NIW potential client. I pick up the phone and talked with Dr. Kim. I pulled out Dr. Kim’s record on CRM and made an entry for the call. In the afternoon, Hongmin showed me a statistic about the firm’s referral rate, sales analysis and clients’ satisfaction metrics.

Throughout the day, I used CRM at least one hundred times including searching for records, creating tasks, making appointments and importing e-mail to CRM. Moreover, Li and Hongmin talked with me many times about CRM data through the IP phone.

At 7:30pm, I finished reading all my e-mails in the inbox and had completed all the tasks. On my way home, I talked with one colleague and two clients on my cellular phone.

I can collaborate with my colleagues and clients on CRM platform anywhere at anytime. For example, while I was on vacation in December, 2006, I accessed CRM and responded to my e-mails on La Jolla beach by AT&T wireless internet access. I felt the same way at the beach as I do when I work in my offices, except the floor was sandy and the roof was blue.

Before going to bed, I logged in CRM and made some tasks. I felt that I delivered value to the clients and the firm today. I turned off the lamp. Tomorrow, it will be a beautiful CRM day. Nevertheless, no more weird dreams about CRM at night!

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