CRM’s Role in My Daily Work

Hongmin Zhang

CRM is a very important and useful system in my everyday work. Simply put, as a database that stores all clients’ case information, CRM helps me finish my work more easily and more efficiently. Specifically, CRM plays an important role in my daily work as follows:

Task Reminder

I log into CRM every morning and afternoon right after coming to our office to check whether there are some tasks delegated by my colleagues. If there are some tasks due, I usually do them immediately. Then I check my calendar to see whether there are some important appointments to be done. Before going back home or sometimes at night, I also check whether there are some tasks due to assure that today’s tasks are finished by today. Moreover, I often set up tasks for myself as a reminder, especially for payments from our clients or our NYC office. In doing so, I can easily manage the balance dues and accurately record our revenue at any point.   

Case Assignment

After receiving a new contract, I usually check the client’s record in CRM first. Since my colleagues already uploaded the email communication into CRM, I can easily find the client’s preference or Attorney Jerry Zhang’s instruction to assign the case to an attorney. Then I add the client’s address (if no address is inputted), convert the client’s potential record into a new contact and a new case, make modifications accordingly and input the financial data into the case record. With CRM’s help, I do not need to ask Attorney Jerry Zhang for every case assignment, saving much time and effort to do other projects.

Monthly or ad hoc Report

CRM is also very instrumental to my monthly or ad hoc report. To be aware of every attorney’s in-process case situation, I often export the data from CRM and make certain calculations to prepare a report for management’s reference. With CRM’s help, I do not need to put my nose into a batch of paper files. Moreover, I can export the financial data including attorney fee and filing fee periodically every month and compare the data from CRM with those on our deposit spreadsheet, in doing so, all occasional typos are prevented and the data is assured to be consistent.  

Mail Check

Everyday I receive lots of Fedex, UPS, or regular letters from our clients. Sometimes, an attorney’s name is mentioned on the letters so I am able to pass the letter on to that attorney.  Other times no attorney’s name is mentioned on the letters so I have to check it in CRM. In extreme cases, there are some checks from our clients’ companies or schools, on which the client’s name is often not mentioned. Before CRM was implemented, I had to ask each attorney or assistant to get clues about the check. Now with help of a more comprehensive CRM system, I can always find the client’s and in-charge attorney’s information right under my finger, passing the letter on to the right attorney. At times I often recall that we worked so hard that all cases were inputted into CRM in April and May. Our efforts paid off,  just as a proverb says, “no pain, no gain”.

It is kind of hard to discuss CRM’s importance to my everyday work thoroughly in such a short essay; but I have to stop here to do other assignments. Finally, in a nutshell, I firmly believe that CRM will continue to play a critical role not only in my daily work but also in our firm’s operation, helping our firm better compete in today’s increasingly competitive market.   

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