Siebel CRM Connects Us All

Amy Lin

CRM is an advanced business strategy to better serve customers and raise their satisfaction and consequently to establish and maintain the corporation’s competitiveness in the market.

As a quick and steadily expanding law firm with enhanced business demands, we implemented Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand, one of the most successful CRM systems in order to strengthen our operation and management flow and provide tailor-made service to all our individual customers. Although the whole process to fully implement this system is not easy as it costs time and effort to get every member in the firm to become familiar with and properly apply it, but the facts prove that it is worth every penny.

Over time, we have become experienced with and reliant on this system. Siebel CRM enables us to work efficiently at different remote sites and support each other. It helps us set up an integrated customer contact database with detailed information for each customer. We record in it all the progress of every specific case, from contract signing to case close and relevant information for easy tracking and supervising. And all the information is not isolated. Things are related to each other, For example, one client’s case is connected with his/her families’, and everyone’s case is connected with his/her contact info and Potential client record. All the info of correspondence between the attorney and customer are enclosed so that either attorneys or clerks would not miss anything.  Moreover, we can use other extensive functions like the List function to draw out a group of related data needed for analyzing and summarizing purposes, which will be a very important and useful tool in strategic and managerial dimensions.

I cannot list all the advantages Siebel CRM has as there are a lot more for us to explore. What it impresses me most is it unites us, attorneys, clerks and customers, all together. All the interacting activities between any two groups can be indicated and completed in Siebel. Although we may not meet each other face to face, with help of Siebel CRM, we feel like we are communicating with each other directly and without any boundaries, no matter where we are- in Houston or New York, Texas or California, America or China. As long as we can access the Internet and log on to Siebel, we are connected anytime anywhere.

One of the simplest examples is my case. For the Chinese New Year holidays I went back home. Although I was thousands of miles away, I still could access Siebel CRM. I logged on my web mail, Checked emails and dealt with unfinished work. I sent New Years greeting emails to the clients as I can just copied their emails addresses from their contact info recorded in Siebel. I created potential clients and set up records in Siebel and left tasks for attorneys. I worked while I was with my family. I appreciate the great Siebel CRM system even more, as it enabled me to spend precious time with my family while not missing any important work.

To sum up, Siebel CRM is definitely a win-win solution for both our firm and our customers. We believe there are various magic functions of Siebel, so we will always be learning and exploring them further to increase our work efficiency and accuracy and eventually to strive for helping our customers realize their American Dreams.

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