NIW Client Testimonials


Time Feedback Case
November 2016 I am so happy, this is a very great news for all my family. NIW
October 2016 Thank you so much, you made me smile again. NIW
October 2016 I appreciate your guidance and support during the past few months. NIW
September 2016 I am very pleased with Zhang & Associates’ services and I recommend the firm greatly. NIW
September 2016 非常感谢张哲瑞联合律师事务所在过去两年中为我提供的优质服务。 NIW
June 2016 Your work literally changed my life. NIW
May 2016 OMG this is really great! NIW
April 2016 I am very satisfied with your service NIW
April 2016 thank you so much for your help with my RFE response.  NIW RFE
March 2016 I was very happy to have worked with Andrew McCusker NIW
March 2016 Thank you very much! NIW
March 2016 I wanted to personally thank you for great service. NIW
March 2016 Thank you very much for handling my case; NIW
February 2016 非常感谢贵所的律师在我申请的过程中给予的大力支持。 NIW
January 2016 It has been really enjoyable to work with you. NIW
December 2015 We are really happy to hear this news, wow!!! NIW
October 2015 I would be very happy to recommend my friends to your firm!! NIW
August 2015 I really appreciate Mai’s intensive and professional help for the entire process. NIW
July 2015 This is definitely a good news!!! NIW
July 2015 Thank you, Mai and your team for all your hard work NIW
May 2015 OMG, that's awesome!!! NIW
April 2015 我对您们团队的素质及您的为人深表敬佩 NIW
March 2015 Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. NIW
August 2014 Thank you so much for your excellent work and efforts. NIW
August 2014 I felt that she is the best and definitely deserve a great review regarding her work performance. NIW
July 2014 I am glad that my EB2-NIW petition has been approved NIW
June 2014 I will not forget in my life.. NIW
May 2014 thanks a lot Amanda for your time with my application NIW
April 2014 Thanks for your patience/professionalism NIW
April 2014 Thank you kindly for all your help and guidance! NIW
March 2014 I had a great time working with Mr. Bush NIW
November 2013 You worked so hard and carefully on my case. NIW
November 2013 I'll be sure to refer anyone in need of immigration assistance to your company. NIW
October 2013 We can't make it without your help. NIW
September 2013 I appreciate all your help during the application process. NIW
September 2013 Thank you guys so much! It is a miracle! NIW
September 2013 thank you very much for your valuable help! NIW
August 2013 Thanks for the most exciting email NIW
July 2013 Thank you for your help. NIW
July 2013 I really appreciate your help for my case. NIW
June 2013 My most sincere appreciation and best wishes of the continuing success to Zhang & Attorneys, L.P.! NIW
April 2013 I'm very glad to know the NIW approval! NIW
April 2013 Thank you very much. Have a good weekend. NIW
April 2013 I was lucky and happy the he was handling my case. NIW
April 2013 I wish you good health and wealth. NIW
March 2013 I really appreciate your patient and professional help! NIW
February 2013 Thank you for forwarding me the great news! NIW
February 2013 Have an excellent day and God bless you. NIW
January 2013 This is great news!!! NIW
January 2013 Who can file a NIW concurrently with I-485 within two weeks and have a new born baby girl at the same time? NIW
January 2013 It has been a great experience through the application. NIW
December 2012 You definitely did an excellent job. NIW
November 2012 I am pleased to hear this wonderful news NIW
November 2012 It’s unbelievable! NIW
September 2012 I can’t believe it!!! NIW
September 2012 I have met a good attorney NIW
September 2012 Your excellent work is a big factor for the approval NIW
September 2012 You guys are just too wonderful NIW
August 2012 that is FANTASTIC! NIW
August 2012 I can't believe it! NIW
June 2012 We got the excellent news! NIW
June 2012 NIW I-140 approved after first denial by DIY NIW
May 2012 Thank you once again Mr. Bush from me and my family. NIW
April 2012 This is fantastic news! NIW
February 2012 You saved my life! NIW
January 2012 Thanks for all the time and effort you put into  this work. NIW
December 2011 I hope to see a new booming year of your business! NIW
November 2011 I would also like to convey my best wishes for you and your law firm for its continuing growth and prosperity.  NIW
November 2011 Thank you Alex.  Thank you Jerry. NIW
November 2011 My sincerely thanks to you and your firm. NIW
November 2011 I greatly appreciate your guidance through the past few months NIW
October 2011 Thank you very much. NIW
October 2011 Thanks again for your help with my NIW. NIW
October 2011 Many thanks for the wonderful news! NIW
October 2011 THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this great news!!! NIW
October 2011 The legal service you provided was excellent and impressive. NIW
April 2010 Thank you very much with my best! NIW
February 2010 Thank you for your wisdom NIW
January 2010 Thank you so much for the great news. NIW
December 2009 your firm is a great company! NIW
December 2009 Great job! your firm is a great company! NIW
December 2009 Its really a great experience working with Zhang & Associates NIW
November 2009 I couldn’t sleep NIW
November 2009 I am so grateful for your great effort and excellent work for my case. NIW
November 2009 I am very satisfied with Attorney Bush's work. NIW
November 2009 Many many thanks.  NIW
November 2009 It is amazing that the approval process took only less than two months!  NIW
October 2009 I would like to thank you for your high quality and professional  service NIW
September 2009 I am very satisfied with your service NIW
August 2009 I and my family will very much appreciate your efforts. NIW
July 2009 You did a wonderful job for this application NIW
May 2009 I have just received my Green Card! NIW
April 2009 Thank your firm very much for helping me get this result. NIW
April 2009 Thank you for all the hard work you have done! NIW
March 2009 I appreciate everything your firm did for me NIW
February 2009 It is really great news for me! NIW
February 2009 Your staff's capability was excellent. NIW
February 2009 He is the best of the best. NIW
February 2009 I profoundly thank you NIW
January 2009 We really appreciate it. NIW
December 2008 Thank you for your greetings NIW
Setember 2008 Thanks for your great service NIW
August 2008 Less than 8 months!!! NIW
July 2008 140 Approved 8 Weeks after Appeal NIW
July 2008 You Made it Happen NIW
May 2008 Responsive Attorney Help Me Go through RFE NIW
February 2008 I Doubt It at the Beginning NIW
February 2008 Words Are Too Short to Express My Feeling NIW
February 2008 Case Is in the Hand of the Right Person NIW
December 2007 Grateful to All of You NIW
December 2007 THE GREATEST Christmas present NIW
November 2007 My Future Would Be in Safe Hands NIW
November 2007 Tons of Thanks NIW
November 2007 I Could Not Believe It Is True NIW
September 2007 Green Card Received NIW
July 2007 This Experience Is the Best Any One Can Have NIW
April 2007 The Success is because of the Petition Letter NIW
March 2007 Case Approved after Appealing to Denial NIW
March 2007 You Are the Best Immigration Attorney NIW
February 2007 Case Filed on Time in Hurricane Rita NIW
February 2007 Very Well-Informed Attorney NIW
February 2007 The Attorney Played a Critical Role NIW
January 2007 Master’s Degree with only 2 Conference Papers NIW
March 2006 The Best Decision I Could Have Made NIW
March 2006 Case Approved only One and a Half Month NIW
January 2006 NIW Approved after an RFE NIW
December 2005 MS w/o Papers Approved NIW
November 2005 Astonished by Your Professionalism NIW
October 2005 Case Approved within Three Weeks NIW
February 2005 I Got a Good Lawyer rather than Good Luck NIW
September 2002 The Appreciation Is Profound and Genuine NIW


Read the USCIS ruling (Matter of Dhanasar) governing NIW here. And for more detailed information about the National Interest Waiver, including minimum requirements and USCIS policies, please click on the relevant links on this page:

Updated 03/23/17