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 Dear Lynn,

Greetings. Thank you for being my attorney and for representing my immigration (I-140) petition under EB2 NIW.

I hope you remember my case very well, I contacted you for the first time on 11/15/2013 but for some reason I had to hire another attorney from a firm, to file my EB1/EB2 petition, recommended by my employer. I am not talking about but he did not represent my case properly and had put me in trouble. He misguided my HR and on May 15 2014 I was told that my petition did not go through and I have no choice other than to leave this country by March 31 2015. It was a very painful day for me, I sat alone and thought that is the end of my life in US. All of a sudden I remembered our previous email conversation and called you immediately. You patiently listened to my story and said “Devan you do not have to leave the country, you have one more option that is EB2 NIW”. You explained me about the process, success rate and told what to be done next. You guided me though the process. Some of my friends discouraged me saying “I am wasting money” but I totally believed you and started working on letters and organizing my petition with your guidance.

From May 16th to June 9th you worked very very hard. You felt my pain, you had put yourself in my shoes and handled my case as if you were in my situation. I was so happy and so confident that I made a right choice hiring and working with you. Whenever I sent you a recommendation letter for correction, you corrected/modified it quickly and sent it back to me in few minutes. I was amazed by your prompt replies and your work dedication. I have asked you so many silly questions about the process and immigration, you answered all my questions patiently and clearly. My case was filed on June 11 2015. I got approval without any RFE on November 14 2015. I had enough time to work on my H1B extension. I filed for extension and got approval recently that is valid till 2018.

I am very happy that everything went so smooth and I am able to stay in this country without any problem. This is possible only because of you. I wholeheartedly and sincerely thank you very much for helping me.  I have happily shared your details with few of my friends too. You are like an angel who came to me at the right time and guided me though the process. You have handled my case in an extremely competent and professional manner. It was a pleasure working with you. I hope to work with you on my I-485 too.

Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

Best regards,