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Summary and Analysis of Eb-1 Cases Approved in September and October

In these three months alone, we have received more than 110 NIW and over 50 EB-1 case approvals. Specifically, we had 43 NIW cases approved in August, 31 NIW cases approved in September, and 44 NIW cases approved in October. We had 29 EB-1 cases approved in August. As for those EB-1 cases, we wrote an article titled “Summary and Analysis of Eb-1 Cases Approved in August”. If you are interested in reading it, please click on the following link:

We have also had 26 EB-1 cases approved in September and October.  The following is an analysis of approved EB-1 cases in the months of September and October.

First, out of the 26 EB-1 cases approved these past two months, most applicants have a Ph. D. However, some do not. For example, one applicant had an M.D., but over 40 years of experience in his field. Certainly, no two applicants are the same. This example illustrates that applicants do not have to fit a particular “mold” to have a successful petition, so long as one demonstrates exceptional fulfillment of at least three criteria.

Second, among the lot of approved applicants, the engineering and medical science research fields were the most popular. Out of these, half of them conducted research in engineering, followed by the field of medical science. Other fields of practice included mathematics, economics, and physics.

Third, two of the most popular job titles for applicants receiving approval were that of a “postdoctoral researcher” and “assistant professor”. Those specializing in these occupations mainly focus on research, producing papers, and attending conferences. In such a way, it is much easier to meet the requirements of an EB-1 if you are involved in research. Of course, as mentioned earlier, this should in no way discourage you if you happen to fulfill different, but equally comparable criteria.

Fourth, the average number of journal papers published among applicants was 15. The median was 12.  The average of number of reviews conducted was 5. The median number was 4. The average processing time for these applicants was 159 days, or around 5 months. The median was 86 days. The shortest was several days. Based on the data we compiled this month, it appears that the average processing time for our applicants was slightly longer than what USCIS promised (around 4 months). More so now than in the past, USCIS has become much stricter in regards to the application process, which could explain why they are taking longer to process applications. Most of the 26 Eb-1 cases were approved without an RFE. Only four cases received an RFE. Finally, only 6 out of the 26 Eb-1 cases used premium processing.

In our personal experience, we have found that premium processing is like a double-edged sword. Yes, it can expedite processing of your application, but it can also hurt you as well. For example, you could receive an RFE notice as a result. As the popular Chinese saying goes “yu su ze bu da”, which means “sometimes it is not favorable if you want to get quick results”.

In the words of the famous scholar, preacher, and Egyptian Supreme Court lawyer Adel Bestavros, “patience with self is hope; patience with others is love; patience with God is faith”. Of course, at Zhang & Associates, P.C. we also believe that “patience with visa backlog is NIW and EB-1!”

Partial information on the 26 EB-1 cases approved in September and October is as follows:

Client Case Type Research Field Journal Papers Reviews Job Title
1 EB-1A Electrical Engineering 9 10 Technical Advisor/Patent Agent
2 EB-1A Chemical engineering 27 2 Senior Engineer
3 EB-1A Cancer Research 35 2 Postdoctoral Research Associate
4 EB-1B Biostatistics 33 12 Assistant Professor
5 EB-1A Toxicology 25 21 Researcher
6 EB-1A Bioengineering 10 2 Postdoctoral Research Associate
7 EB-1A Material Science 31 1 Assistant Professor
8 EB-1A Biomedical Nanotechnology 19 4 Assistant Professor
9 EB-1A Translational Neuroscience 19 1 Research Associate
10 EB-1B Mechanical Engineering 4 4 Senior Engineer
11 EB-1A Mechanical Engineering 12 7 Postdoctoral Research Associate
12 EB-1B Material Science 16 4 Postdoctoral Research Associate
13 EB-1A Genetics 9 0 Postdoctoral Research Associate
14 EB-1A Space Physics 17 3 Postdoctoral Research Associate
15 EB-1A Biosystems Engineering 12 12 Postdoctoral Research Associate
16 EB-1B Medical Science 8 3 Assistant Professor
17 EB-1B Economics 5 1 Senior Economist
18 EB-1B Mathematics Education 7 7 Assistant Professor
19 EB-1B Wood Science 7 5 Assistant Professor
20 EB-1B Mechanical Engineering 15 8 Postdoctoral Research Associate
21 EB-1A Cell and Molecular Biology 5 0 Postdoctoral Research Associate
22 EB-1A Civil Engineering 8 3 Postdoctoral Research Associate
23 EB-1A Electrical Engineering 13 1 Microwave Lab Manager
24 EB-1B Applied Physics 10 0 Researcher
25 EB-1B Bioengineering 24 4 Research Associate
26 EB-1A Mechanical Engineering 11 10 Assistant Professor

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At Zhang & Associates, P.C., our attorneys and supporting professionals are committed to providing high-quality immigration and non-immigration visa services. We specialize in NIW, EB-1, PERM, and I-485 cases. In the past thirteen years, we have successfully helped thousands of clients get green cards. If you plan to apply for a green card, please send your CV to Attorney Jerry Zhang ( for a free evaluation.

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