What is a K-1/K-2 Visa?

The highly technological era we live in has created several different avenues for people to meet. Nowadays, instead of being introduced to someone through family and friends or by meeting personally, increasing numbers of people branch out online, utilize dating services, and travel abroad to seek partners; or they may find themselves falling in love during business, educational, or leisurely travel abroad. With increased use of email, the Internet, and other web tools, it is now possible for people to form meaningful relationships without ever physically meeting and to more easily maintain a long-distance relationship while apart.”

The adage “love conquers all” is more applicable today than ever before. Despite geological, cultural, and political differences, people enjoy successful lasting relationships that would have been previously impossible. However, the notion that long separations can negatively affect a relationship has not changed, particularly relationships that must be maintained between couples living in separate countries.  Therefore, K-I visas were created to allow for the alien fiancé to come to the US, get married with his/her US citizen fiancé and begin their lives together.

There are many reasons why couples choose to marry within the U.S.  Often, the U.S. citizen fiancée may be prevented by the cultural norms and traditions of their particular ethnic or religious group from marrying the foreign fiancé within his/her home country and in other situations it may simply be a matter of personal preference of the engaged couple. The K-1 visa provides these couples with the necessary tools to carry out their hopes of marrying in the U.S.

These days, family units can be complicated and untraditional. It is certainly not uncommon to bring in children from a previous marriage or relationship.  In order to account for these children, the K-2 visa, which is contingent upon the K-1 visa, allows minor children of K-1 visa holders to also come to the United States while awaiting the marriage of the K1 parent to the U.S. citizen.

The laws of the U.S. recognize the importance of reuniting a foreign fiancée with his / her U.S. citizen fiancée.  Given the complications that can arise with multi-national relationships such as these, K-I visas provide the best option for these loved ones hoping to marry and reunite in the U.S.

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