Adjustment of Status Services We Provide

Petitioning for an adjustment of status (AOS) is normally the final step an alien physically present in the United States takes in order to obtain a green card.

On a superficial level, it seems as though the process would be easy enough to handle on one’s own: submit a Form I-485 to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). While some applicants who handle their own AOS petitions may ultimately meet success, these individuals amount to a minority of AOS applicants. In reality, there are several tricky issues applicants must consider, including, for instance, the age-out problem; compiling reams of documentation, such as evidence to convincingly demonstrate financial support; and connecting an applicant’s nonimmigrant status to his subsequent, prospective permanent resident status. Accordingly, we urge AOS applicants to seek the assistance of an experienced legal team. At Zhang & Associates, we have spent the last two decades successfully representing thousands of AOS petitioners.

After you retain our firm for your adjustment case, our seasoned immigration attorneys will facilitate your application by taking the following steps:

  • Exhaustively review your specific situation and identify any and all legal issues that may be important in your case
  • Work with you regarding the issues identified and provide the proper solutions or legal opinions
  • Collect all of the information and documents required for your application
  • Fill out all forms and prepare supporting documentation for you
  • Provide assistance in applying for the benefits AOS applicants can enjoy during their applications’ pendency: advance parole and employment authorization document (EAD)
  • Submit your AOS petition to USCIS and make status inquiries on your pending case when necessary
  • Respond in a thorough and timely manner to any USCIS requests or inquiries about your case
  • Inform you of the status of your pending case at each stage, such as the biometrics appointment and interview notice
  • Thoroughly prepare you for your AOS interview

Our Firm is Here to Help

It is important that prospective permanent residents understand that each adjustment case varies as a function of an alien’s unique circumstances. As such, we emphatically recommend retaining an experienced immigration attorney. To begin your potential AOS case, contact Zhang & Associates for an initial free consultation by clicking here.

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Updated 08/10/2017