Free Evaluation Services

Every day, we receive an overwhelming number of phone calls and e-mails from people all over the U.S. with questions about immigration issues. Our attorneys proudly offer a free evaluation for many inquiries. You may take advantage of our free evaluation by sending an email to To ensure that you get a timely response from our attorneys, please read the following paragraphs carefully.

Who may use our free evaluation service?

Who may NOT use our free evaluation service?

  • What are the limitations of our Free Evaluation?
  • While we are happy to offer a free evaluation on your case, it is important to realize the limitations of our free evaluation service. click here to see what a free evaluation is not and what it cannot do.
  • Who is not qualified for our Free Evaluation?
  • Attorneys deliver value to clients through their legal services. However, our legal resources, just like the services of any industry, are limited. We believe that it would be unfair if our free services draw an unreasonable amount of time away from our regular clients, who retain us for our professional services and entrust their cases to us. Therefore, please be advised that we cannot guarantee a free evaluation in all circumstances. Please click here for details.

What if I am not qualified for a free evaluation?

  • Even if you are not qualified for a free evaluation or your inquiries are beyond the scope of our free evaluation service, you have the option to use our fee-based consultation services. Three levels of fee-based consultation services are professionally tailored to meet your specific needs. Please click here to see the benefits of our fee-based consultation services.