Success Stories

Below we have provided examples of the successes that Zhang and Attorneys has had with clients who have applied for a Third Country Visa.

Example 1

Mr. Wu is an F-1 student pursuing his Master's degree at the University of Oklahoma. He wished to go back to China during his summer break to look for a girlfriend in his hometown. However, he worried that he might not obtain an F-1 visa from the U.S. Consulate in Shanghai because of his bad academic performance: he made a D in one of his classes.

We provided a fee-based consultation to Mr. Wu. Through the consultation, we agreed that we thought Mr. Wu's overall academic record was fairly good, and there was a possibility of him obtaining an F-1 visa through Third Country Visa (TCV). Therefore, Mr. Wu traveled to Mexico and was granted an F-1 visa later.

Example 2

Ms. Shawney comes from Pakistan. She was laid off by her previous employer and lost her H-1B status. Fortunately, she found another job, and the employer filed an I-129 petition for H-1B status immediately with the Vermont Service Center. The H-1B petition was approved and the Vermont Service Center requested that she obtain an H-1B visa at U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico before she could stars her authorized period of employment.

Ms. Shawney retained us for our fee-based consultation services. Our experienced attorney, Mr. Jerry Zhang, carefully prepared a detailed list of questions that the consular officer might ask in the interview, and also held a discussion with her about the most pertinent issues within her application.  

Later the Consular Officer approved Ms. Shawney's H-1B visa application. By using the newly approved H-1B visa, Ms. Shawney regained her H-1B status upon entering the United States and was able to legally begin working for her new employer.

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