More Specific Information on Applying for a Third Country Visa in Mexico

While the Third Country Visa process applies to aliens who are filing applications in both Mexico and Canada, there are specific guidelines that apply for those applying for a Third Country Visa in Mexico. This article will provide detailed information about how to go about applying for a TCV in Mexico.

Who Can Apply in Mexico

  • Third Country Nationals (TCNs) who are not residents of Mexico and who seek to renew their visas in any category other than B-1/B-2 (pleasure/business) and H-2 (temporary worker).

Who Cannot Apply in Mexico

  • Third Country Nationals (TCNs) who are not residents of Mexico and are applying for B-1/B-2 Visas (business/pleasure) or H-2 Visas (temporary workers), even if they are renewing their visa, cannot apply in Mexico;
  • Applicants who entered the U.S in one visa category and are seeking to return to the U.S. in a different visa category;
  • Applicants who entered the U.S. with a visa issued in their home country and changed status with through the Department of Homeland Security in the U.S. who seek a new visa in the new visa category;
  • Applicants who have not fulfilled the requirements of their non-immigrant status in the United States, having violated the terms of their visas or who have overstayed the time period authorized on their I-94 form; and
  • Applicants who entered the U.S. under the Visa Waiver Program (except in the case of an emergency where the biometric passport has been lost or stolen).

As a general rule, U.S. Consulates are reluctant to grant visas to those aliens who last entered the U.S. as tourists. U.S. Embassies and Consulates routinely do not accept applications for "E" visas from third country national applicants who are not residents in their consular districts.

TCN Visa Renewals– Before deciding to apply at a consular office in Mexico, third country nationals should keep in mind that traveling to the country may require the appropriate Mexican visa from an embassy or consulate in Mexico before making the trip. Potential applicants should be sure they have a visa, if necessary, and are prepared to wait several days in Mexico while their visa is being processed.

(Updated 10/17/2012 by AD)

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