Q: Who is not eligible for a re-entry permit?

A: Aliens in the United States are not eligible for a re-entry permit if they are not permanent residents or conditional permanent residents of the U.S.

Q:How does one obtain a re-entry permit?

A: Please consult with an immigration attorney. If you would like to learn more about re-entry permits, please feel free to contact us. If you would like to e-mail us, please click here.

Q:Does a re-entry permit guarantee admission into the United States?

A: No, a re-entry permit, like a U.S. green card, does not guarantee admission into the United States. Aliens who are permanent residents and have obtained a re-entry permit are still subject to the USCIS inspection process at the port of entry. Usually, aliens with re-entry permits may be allowed to enter into the U.S., as long as their re-entry permits are valid.

Q: How long does it take to get a Re-entry Permit?

A: It usually takes about three months for the USCIS to process a re-entry permit application.

Q: For how long is a re-entry permit valid?

A: Generally, it is valid for two years. However, if a permanent resident of the U.S. has been abroad for acumulative four years within the past five years, the USCIS may, at its discretion, approve a re-entry permit with only one year valid duration. Within its valid duration, a permanent resident of the U.S. may make multiple entries into the U.S. by using a re-entry permit.

Q:Where should I apply for a Re-entry Permit?

A: You need to file your application by mail at the USCIS Nebraska Center.

Q: Who is handling my case if I retain Z&A?

A: Our attorneys handle their clients' cases individually by preparing petition letters, contacting clients, and following up pending cases. That's why we have more attorneys than clerks. Our clerks' main objective is to help attorneys prepare clients' packages, and each client's package will be given a final review by one of our most experienced attorneys before we send the package to the USCIS.

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