Attorney Fees and Filing Fees for Re-Entry Permit

Filing Fees

As mentioned above, filing fees are charged by the U.S. government (USCIS in particular). Processing thousands of applications is expensive and requires the services of dozens of immigration officers, specialists, analysts, managers, and other bureaucrats.

Note that filing fees that apply to your case should be submitted to our firm a sufficient period of time before filing your application with USCIS.

Initial Attorney’s Fee

The initial fee is due upon retaining Zhang & Associates. Our firm must receive this payment before we can start work on your case.

Approval Attorney’s Fee

The approval fee is due upon your application’s approval. Accordingly, this fee is applicable only if your L petition is approved. Note that it is due promptly after receiving an approval notice.

Important Notice:

Fees listed above are subject to change without notice. Moreover, they are for the majority of cases in each category. An individual client may be charged at a higher fee depending on the totality of the circumstances for the client. Zhang and Attorneys retain the discretion to charge a higher fee than the fee schedules listed above.

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