EB-1C Documentation List

EB-1C petitions require an array of documentation. The petitioning employer should provide a statement with the application in which it attests to fulfilling all requirements and includes descriptions of the job position and duties to be performed by the alien transferee. Aside from this basic attestation, there are additional employer- and beneficiary-specific documents that must be included in EB-1C petitions.

Employer’s Documentation

  • Articles of incorporation or association, and business license
  • Application for EIN (Form SS-4)
  • Stock certificates
  • Lease of business location
  • Bank statement or wire transfer evidencing initial investment
  • Audited accounting reports (e.g., balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flow reports)
  • Income tax filings for the three years prior to filing
  • Corporate income tax return (Form 1120), if any
  • Quarterly report (Form 941), if any
  • Description of company business
  • Commercial contracts, invoices, bills of lading, and letters of credit
  • Several sheets of company letterhead, including the company’s logo, name, and address
  • Organizational chart showing company structure, the company’s total number of employees, the position to be held by the transferee, and the company’s plans to expand (e.g., acquire new employees)
  • Pictures of the main office, interior and exterior, and the company’s other buildings, if such photos are not included in a company brochure or product introduction
  • Documents verifying the foreign affiliate

Employee’s Documentation

  • Resume
  • Diploma
  • Passport
  • Valid visa to the United States (within three years)
  • Employment verification letter from the foreign affiliate
  • Board resolution or other business documents verifying the company’s decision to transfer the employee
  • Any other documents demonstrating the transferee's ability to conduct business in an executive or managerial position

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Updated 04/10/2017