Advantages of the EB-1C Visa

The EB-1C visa category is one of the most useful tools available to companies with a need to bring qualified foreign executives or managers to the U.S. By meeting the requirements to immigrate, the beneficiary can take advantage of benefits associated with an EB-1C visa, which include:

  • Relocating with family
    1. EB-1C allows intracompany transferees to bring their families with them to the U.S. Moreover, after adjusting status, their family members are eligible to apply for employment authorization to legally work while they’re in the U.S.

    1. The employer sponsoring the immigration petition does not need to show that there is a shortage of qualified U.S. workers, which expedites the visa application process and ultimately allows the alien to receive a green card much faster, without the need to go through a conditional green card first.

    2. With a green card, aliens can travel abroad freely without having to obtain advance parole or worry about jeopardizing their legal status.

    3. In the comparable L-1A visa category, labor certification is required. (That said, as we noted elsewhere, the chances an EB-1C petition is approved increase considerably if the beneficiary had L-1A status previously.)

  • No personal investment
    1. Unlike in the EB-5 visa, alien beneficiaries of EB-1Cs do not need to satisfy extensive capital requirements or create jobs as a result of the business conducted.

    2. Moreover, because employers serve as petitioners for EB-1C applications, employers do most the work required and pay the filing fees.

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Updated 04/10/2017