Attorney’s Fees and Filing Fees

For better or for worse, the business of immigration is often a costly one. For L visa applications, petitioning employers are responsible for both filing fees and attorney’s fees, should they choose to retain our experienced L visa immigration attorneys. Filing fees are charged by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for administrative processing, while attorney’s fees are paid to Zhang & Associates for our professional services.

Below is a tabulated breakdown of costs for your reference.

Filing Fees

As mentioned above, filing fees are charged by the U.S. government (USCIS in particular). Processing thousands of applications is expensive and requires the services of dozens of immigration officers, specialists, analysts, managers, and other bureaucrats.

Note that filing fees that apply to your case should be submitted to our firm a sufficient period of time before filing your application with USCIS.

Initial Attorney’s Fee

The initial fee is due upon retaining Zhang & Associates. Our firm must receive this payment before we can start work on your case.

Approval Attorney’s Fee

The approval fee is due upon your application’s approval. Accordingly, this fee is applicable only if your L petition is approved. Note that it is due promptly after receiving an approval notice.


L-1 Filing Fees

There are two types of L-1 processing options: regular processing and premium processing. With regular processing, depending on your case and location, it could take several months for USCIS to render a decision. With premium processing, an extra $1,225 will ensure USCIS adjudicates your application within 15 days of receiving it.

The table below includes USCIS filing fees associated with L-1 applications.

Fee Name

Fee Amount

More Information

Base Filing Fee


There are no exemptions form this fee.

Fraud Prevention & Detection Fee


The sponsoring employer is required to pay this fee for each new L beneficiary it petitions for.

Payment for this fee must be remitted in a separate check or money order.

Premium Processing Fee


Whichever party (either the petitioner or the beneficiary) requests premium processing service must pay the associated fee.

Source: USCIS

L-1 Attorney’s Fees

Before retaining our firm for your L-1 case, feel free to contact us for an initial free consultation. An individual client may be charged a higher, or lower, fee, depending on the totality of circumstances of the client’s case. Zhang & Associates reserves the right to charge a higher fee.
Please contact our office regarding fees and contracts.

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Updated 05/18/2017