C-2 and C-3 Visas

In addition to the C-1 transit visa, there are two other transit visa categories available to foreign nationals with their own specific requirements.

C-2 Visa

The C-2 transit visa is available only to UN transits. A UN transit is defined as a representative or expert travelling to the UN headquarters in New York City on official work, or passing through the United States on their way to a foreign destination. The maximum duration for a C-2 visa is 29 days. The visa holder must stay within the New York City area and proceed directly to the UN. Once their business at the UN is concluded, they must leave the United States. C-2 visa holders may not change status.It is very difficult to obtain a visa extension. Family members of the UN representative or expert may travel to the United States on their own C-2 visa.

C-3 Visa

A C-3 transit visa is available to foreign government officials who are passing in transit through the United States. They must be on official business and the U.S. must have reciprocal rights in the foreign country. The process to obtain a C-3 visa, and the limitations on it, are the same as other transit visas.

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