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"Hi Attorney Zhou,

Thank you so much for all your help during this process!!! You helped me with a previously denied Perm case when we almost lost and during the journey, you have been such a great help in every step.

I don't think we could make this happen without your help through the way.

I will scan the green cards when I get them and send it to you.

Wish you and your family all the best!




Attorney comments: Client came to our firm when her first PERM was denied due to mistake by  former attorney.  Attorney Jian Joe Zhou refiled the PERM and received the approval.   Thereafter, client received I-140 approval with Attorney Zhou’s assistance.  Furthermore, the petitioning company went through a reconstruction.  Attorney Zhou secured an amendment of I-140 approval by the theory of the Successor in Interest. Client received I-485 approval based on amended I-140.  Refiling a PERM is doable and our firm has filed and received approval of refiled PERM applications for clients turned to us after their first PERM applications were denied. There is no prejudice on denied PERM so long the case was filed on good faith and in compliance of documentation.