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"Hello Joe, 

Thank you very much for all your support during this process. You delivered what you promised, with all the obstacles on the way. I truly appreciate the extra effort you invested in my case. 

Thank you Haadee and Samuil as well. Your whole office was very professional at all times. 

I would recommend Zhang & Associates for all immigration cases anytime, and I really hope we will continue to work on other immigration cases that our company will have in future. 

Thank you all

Best regards



Attorney Jian Joe  Zhou’s comments: The client received green card (I-485 approval) in around 1.5 years from the starting of the PERM EB-2 petition.   The visa number is current to the country of the birth of the client. The PERM is for an EE position requiring a Master degree and one year of experience.  The employer’s ability to pay showed some problem for the then available federal tax returns while new years tax returns (priority date year) was not yet available.  The attorney applied the strategy  to file the I-140 within the validly 180 days of PERM approval and filed a timely I-140; and then when the RFE was issued, the company’s new federal tax returns became available and meet the number needed. I-140 was then approved after submission of RFE response.  The regulations require an I-140 petition must be filed with 180 days from the date of PERM is approved with the original signed PERM approval form 9089.  The procedural requirement is critical to secure the benefits.   Employer actually can supplement additional evidences or re-file I-140  so long the original PERM approval form was properly submitted  with a properly I-140 filing in the required time frame.