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Dear Mai,

Yesterday, we finally received our Green Cards! We were so happy, it was such a good Christmas gift!

I can't thank you enough for all your help and support through this complicated application process.Your personal guidance and patience made an otherwise difficult subject clear and well organized, which helped me greatly in being able to work with all documents. I will definitelly reccomend you to all my friends!

I forgot to give you some details regarding our interview. The interview took approximately 10 min for both of us. We just had to swear on front of the officer that all information that we gave to USCIS is correct. Then he asked us several standard questions: if we ever been trained as a militaries, involved in any kind of crime or if we ever been related to communist party etc. Also, he wanted to know what exactly we are doing  at UT Southwestern. Then he took my recent employment verification letter and copies of certified translation of our Birth and Marriage Certificates (he just checked original hard copies of translation and left them for us). That's it. He didn't ask any other additional documents, mentioned in Interview Notice.

Thank you so much again! I highly appreciate the assistance you have provided me. 
It's been a pleasure working with such a great professional like you!

With warmest regards,