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Thank you very much. Please mail the official notice to our mailing address in file.

Mr. Wisniewski

Thank you so very much for representing our case. We made it!!!!!!

I contacted your office two years ago with doubts and skepticism, or shall I say, fierce rage, that I carried from the relationship with our company assigned lawyers. Can you imagine that we paid them and then one month later they asked for invoice payment again and then found out that they never processed our payment, thus never filed our premium processing application! That is not the worst. The worst is that I had to train myself by reading laws and lines of field manuals and memorandums to fight for my case. They spent 3 years telling my employer that I'm not qualified to get a green card.  I had to prove that they were wrong. I had lost count of how many critical time points were passed. Three years into my case, finally they understand (or have 5 minutes to really listen) and it was the first time they read my job description and realized that I'm not a IT guy who fixes printers! They finally started the PERM, and it got audited. After all these I still need to email them so humbly because I still need them to get my petition approved.

In the first call with you, I desperately waited for the last straw to call me quit and go back to China. INSTEAD, the whole meeting  were filled with your warm words, professional confidence, and extreme care for me and my family's best interest. It made me feel that you came from another dream world of angel attorney. The later on experience with you confirmed that you are our super hero. With the old days bruise and batters, I was overly anxious and nervous with annoying questions. BANG! you replied within 10 minutes. I know sometimes your words were just a pad on the shoulder telling me everything is going to be fine. BUT NO WORDS can express how much I appreciated your answers and how it saved my day. Without you, I might have already gave up my application.  

Once again, or if you have time to listen to me saying it a million more times, THANK YOU and Zhang & Associates. Your professionalism and out of the world customer service and care carried us through terrible storms and finally to the land of the United States. I was so emotional when I saw Ms. Stephanie's Congratulations. That's one of the few congratulations that I will remember for the rest of my life.

THANK YOU. WITHOUT YOUR HELP, none of these is possible.